Tooth Gems

Our Process

Clean tooth surface

The tooth is first cleaned and rinsed to insure a clean surface free of residue. Next the tooth receiving the gem will be dried thoroughly and be exposed by smiling. A cotton ball will placed to keep the lips from touching the tooth.
This is done to keep the tooth exposed and dry.

Gem Application with Resin

Dental grade resin is applied to the desired tooth, followed by the placement of the gem onto the prepared tooth. During this time the client can see the gem to ensure they are satisfied with the over all placement and look.

Harden Resin with UV Lamp

Once the gem is in the desired location the resin is then hardened using a UV lamp. The UV lamp cures the resin securing the gem to the tooth. This ensures the longevity of the application allowing you to care for your teeth in your normal manner.

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