Teeth Whitening

Our Process

Initial Shade Check

At Whiten Up we always take an initial measure of your teeth's shade by using a tooth shade guide. We identify the original shade when starting as well as the final shade once the whitening process has been completed. We use these for comparison purposes. The final result is different for each client and will determined by your own natural tooth shade.

Product Application

When a patient is ready for teeth whitening, they will first use retractors to pull the lips and cheeks away from the teeth to protect them from exposure to the whitening solution. A barrier is placed along the gum-line to keep the front surface of the teeth isolated from the whitening solution. Finally, the patient will apply the solution onto tooth surfaces.

UV Lamp Whitening

Once applied, protective glasses are placed on the client. A UV lamp is placed directly in front of the teeth and the solution is left on the teeth for the allotted time. The use of a UV lamp during the whitening process activates the peroxide in the solution and results in faster whitening. Once session is complete, we will provide aftercare instructions to ensure the best results.

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